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Our Apples

Pie apples

You can indulge your sweet cravings with our fruit pies because our pies are made with less sugar so you can taste more of the natural flavor.  Virtually any apple can be used in your pie, but the best are the more tart apples.  All of our pies contain Cortlands, because they stay relatively firm when baked.  We like to mix at least one more variety, most likely Macintosh, as it cooks down, and the flavor blends in well with the Cortland.  Our pie crusts are made with  stone ground whole wheat flour which increases your fiber intake.  Diabetics can order pies made with artificial sweetener.

Fresh eating apples

We believe all our apples are great for fresh eating.  Your palate may prefer tart, sweet, or a sweet-tart balance of flavors.  Also, some are more firm that others.  Generally, there is about a 3 day window when each variety is at its "peak".  We like to captures that window when we do our mass pickings.  We have an excellent storage facility to maintain that peak quality as much as possible. 


Apple Cider

We have our own cider press, and we begin making cider about the third week in September.  We prefer to blend at least 3 different apples in our cider to give it that full body and mix of flavors that make our cider so good. The flavor of the cider will change during the season depending on which apples are ripe at the time.  We do not pasteurize our cider, and most people prefer it that way.  Expect about a 2 week shelf life with this product.

Dried Apples

One of favorite apple treats is our dried apples, which we affectionately call "apple chips".  Drying the apples concentrates the flavors, so the flavor becomes more intense.  We find that apple chips are great while driving, as the chewing keeps your mind alert.  Some of our favorite apples for drying are Gingergold, Honeycrisp, and Cortland.  Be sure to try each variety to see which is your favorite.